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Global network, local presence

Ascom is an international provider of services for integrated voice and data communications,network-based security solutions and networked revenue collection systems. Highly-specialised technology and decades of experienceas a system integrator and service providerfor tailormade integrated solutions along the entire value chain make the Group a reliable partner for companies in a variety of sectors. With headquarters in Switzerland, companies around the world and strong partners at home and abroad, Ascom is close to its customers and can respond rapidly and innovatively to continually changing requirements.

The founding of Ascom

Concentration of resources in research, development, production and sales was the primary objective behind the founding of Ascom. As early as 1984 Autophon, Hasler and Zellweger had contracted to co-operate more closely. The financial merger in June 1987, leading to the creation of Ascom Holding Ltd, was a logical and meaningful continuation of the course adopted three years earlier.
Ascom formally began operations with a new corporate structure on 1 July 1987. The merger was implemented retroactively to 1 January 1987